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For our website check series we decided to talk with FashionSeen about the fashion and street style scene in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to a great blog! How did you decide to start your blog?
We met at an art show in Los Angeles and discovered that we had a mutual love for street style/fashion trends. We started talking about blogs and decided that there weren’t very many that featured LA’s unique fashion culture, so why not create one! We decided to team up and enlisted our rad friend Matt to take some pictures and design the blog.

Why do you think it is important to checkout fashionseen if you want to see LA styles?
We both work in the fashion industry in Los Angeles and have an eye on the trends daily and we are able to translate that into our blog. The Fashionseen is always on the forefront of the emerging trends and we are able to feature local LA fashionistas and their expressly individual styles.

What makes Los Angeles so special in your opinion?
LA is so spread out that you are able experience many diverse cultures in one city. People have different styles depending on where they live and hang out.

How would you describe the typical LA style?
What we like so much about LA is that there is so much variety in street style. When we shoot for the blog we always try to visit different locales to capture each area’s distinct vibe. The beach cities like Venice and Santa Monica have a much more laid back surf inspired style.
Silverlake has a vintage and retro vibe that is inspired by the indie rock community. Hollywood is much more trend based given that it is the hub of the entertainment industry.

What other cities inspire you style wise?
Stockholm and Copenhagen for the eclectic combinations while maintaining minimalism, London for the adventurous spirit in style, and of course Seattle for the 90′s grunge throwback.

If someone is going to LA on vacation, what would you suggest him / her to do while in Los Angeles?
For the best vintage shopping – The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena (We try to go every month!). Also the Grove in West Hollywood can be fun for commercial shopping at stores like Zara, JCREW, Anthropologie, etc.
If you re into music, check out the The Echo/Echoplex in Echo Park for good live shows. Restaurants: Wurstkuche in the Arts district downtown is a gastropub with a energetic vibe. Gjelina in Venice for great gourmet small plates, Barbrix in Silverlake for unique and delicious wine. Sights: The Getty Museum for art and epic views, also the Griffith Observatory overlooks the entire city.

LA or NYC?
LA all the way! New York is a wonderful city that we love to visit but Los Angeles is truly where we feel most at home. The streets are tree lined and threre’s much more space here. Our apartments have backyards.
New York is a little too crowded!

What are the brands that are defining LA in your opinion?
For streetwear we like American Apparel (made and designed here in LA) and UNIF (another growing brand started here in LA). For high fashion we admire Rodarte and Band of Outsiders which also both started in LA. For vintage we like the Nasty Gal website which is based in LA and also has recently launched a new clothing line.

What are your favourite 5-10 styles that were featured on your page?
Could you please share those with us?
We especially like our posts on Overalls, Pastel Lipstick, Chunky Knits, and Paint Splattered. One of our most popular posts has been on Foxtails!

Thank you!!!
xoxo the fashionseen (nicha and mara)

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